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We are a family owned food manufacturing company located in Boulder, Colorado focused on quality and excellence. Our family is passionate about healthy eating and we enjoy producing products that support these values. It's important to us that we positively impact the world through producing food and operating our business in a way that fosters human connection and compassion. We strive to attract, develop and retain the best possible team members and embrace the opportunity our company gives us to play a beneficial role in society. That’s why we offer our team members health insurance. That’s why we recycle. That’s why we give back to our community. We care about maintaining good relationships with our clients and community while offering the highest quality food production services possible. We’re excited to be building a great company that serves its customers well!

We measure our success by yours. When our clients are thriving, we know we're doing our job right!

Our approach is based on a firm commitment to building trust through transparency.

We are family-owned and managed by industry veterans. When you talk with us, you’re talking to the decision makers.

Our Philosophy


Our business model is based on the belief that by doing a great job handling the supply chain you, the brand owners, can focus on your passion—marketing and selling your products. Leave the materials sourcing, the production, and the product quality to us.  Think of us as your manufacturing division.  Plus, many of our clients rely on us for new product innovation!  Finally, we're located in the Boulder, Colorado area—the heart of the natural products industry, with access to the collective expertise that defines the area and industry.

New Business Criteria



We are interested in working with brands that are well-established  in the food industry.

We enjoy working with companies that are  passionate about building their business.


We look for brands that have the requisite expertise and resources to continue to be successful.


We are interested in working with growing brands that have a national distribution

If your company fits these criteria and you're looking for a co-packer who you can trust to help you grow your business, we’d love to hear from you!

Contact Us!
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