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  • Claremont is a Colorado Manufacturing Awards Finalist

    Claremont Foods is honored to be chosen as a Finalist for the 2023 Colorado Manufacturing Awards (CMAs) in the Natural and Organic Foods category. The CMAs are a national program that recognizes operational and production excellence across multiple manufacturing industries. Claremont has worked hard to achieve operational efficiency and production excellence. We have achieved 200% volume growth during the last two years while increasing production efficiency by over 75%! Claremont has given back to our team members over $2M in efficiency gains in the form of wage and benefits increases. We are so proud of our amazing team for all the hard work they've put into the process over the last few years. Winners will be announced on May 11th at the CMA gala. We look forward to attending and congratulating our fellow nominees.

  • Claremont Partners with RedZone

    Great business requires innovation-- That's why Claremont Foods has decided to partner with RedZone to increase productivity within our facilities. Thanks to RedZone's incredible diligence and guidance, we've seen incredible improvement. "We launched RedZone 4 weeks ago and are seeing amazing results! Productivity increased almost immediately ("what you measure improves!"). Big shout out to our coach William Chacon! He has been fantastic! Our team really likes and respects him. We're excited to launch the QA Compliance Module next!" - Alex Cioth, CEO Staff training sessions with William Chacon, a RedZone Productions Systems Coach As Claremont Foods continues to grow, we are excited to work with talented teams like RedZone to keep making our company better. Our company culture emphasizes continuous improvement and speed with accuracy. We are thankful to RedZone's team for helping us to actively continue to build these values at Claremont Foods. Stay tuned for more exciting innovations at Claremont!

  • Another Successful Growing Season!!

    We’re pleased to share that we’ve had another very successful growing season in our organic company garden!! We built on the success from last year (our first year!) by approximately doubling our garden footprint. New items this year included three types of tomatoes in addition to habanero peppers…to satisfy those on our team who can handle the HEAT! 😊 Once harvesting begins in late July, in a typical week we harvest over 300 cherry style tomatoes, five goliath style tomatoes, seven or eight zucchini and 100-125 peppers (jalafuego, jalapeno, Anaheim and habanero). We’ve been sharing this bounty with our team members all summer long through several-times-per-week distributions. This garden is our contribution to sustainability and providing locally grown food to more people. We’re already looking forward to next year’s planting! Look for more pictures on our FB page.

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  • Food Manufacturer | Claremont Foods | United States

    Who We Are What We Do Join Our Team WHO WE ARE We are a family owned food manufacturing company located in Boulder, Colorado focused on quality and excellence. Our business is based on our passion for building a great company with core values of trust and transparency, which serves our clients well and has team members who are passionate about what they do. READ MORE >> Our Culture of Excellence We are committed to creating the best quality products and experiences for our clients and team members Safety Comes First Safety is the foundation of everything we do. All team members are responsible for creating and maintaining a safe work environment. This includes using appropriate personal protective gear, maintaining safe equipment and facilities, and committing to continuous training. Speed with Accuracy Work quickly and efficiently to achieve or exceed production targets. Share results. Recognize and reward performance. Continuous Improvement Challenge ourselves to keep getting better. Engage in training to improve and develop skills for all team members. Have fun doing it. Serve our Clients We enjoy providing excellent service to our clients. We recognize that fostering a relationship of mutual respect depends on transparent communication, operational excellence, high quality and continuous cost reduction. Respect Everyone As team members, we commit ourselves to making Claremont Foods a great place to work. We treat each other with respect at all times. WHAT WE DO WHAT WE DO Claremont Foods provides product innovations and food manufacturing services to the snack bar industry. We care about you, our clients, the same way you care about your customers. Quality Assurance We view our quality programs as a competitive advantage…for us and our clients! Our focus on quality leads to better products at lower long-term costs. ​ ​ ​ ​ We are an SQF Level 2 facility and also hold certificates in the following areas: Organic Kosher Non-GMO Gluten-Free Our Quality Assurance department boasts multiple SQF and HACCP certified professionals who ensure that each production shift is properly supervised by our QA techs. We are FSMA compliant. We assist our clients in obtaining the quality certifications specific to their product lines. Our Philosophy We're Committed to Providing Excellent Service through Creativity, Quality, and Clear Communication JOIN OUR TEAM We strive to attract, develop and retain the best possible team members and embrace the opportunity our company gives us to play a positive role in society. That’s why we offer our team members various benefits, such as health insurance and access to fresh produce from our company garden. As team members, we commit ourselves to making Claremont Foods a great place to work. We treat each other with respect at all times. LEARN MORE GET IN TOUCH We'd love to hear from you To submit a contact form directly, visit our Contact page! Contact Us Sales: (303) 652 0260 Purchasing: (720) 713 8785 Facilities: (720) 713 8818 HR: (720) 713 8809 Find us on Facebook Find us on LinkedIn ​ Back to Top

  • JOIN OUR TEAM | Claremont Foods

    APPLY NOW WE'D LOVE TO MEET YOU INTERESTED IN A FUTURE WITH CLAREMONT? BENEFITS At Claremont, we recognize that as you gain skills and develop professionally, you deserve proportionate compensation. We provide annual raises, giving you the opportunity to grow both your skills and your pay. We provide PTO for all of our team members. We know you work hard every day and life throws challenges at everyone from time to time, so enjoy a couple of days off when you need it, on us! As team members, we commit ourselves to making Claremont a great place to work. Health insurance is an important part of creating a great workplace with happy and healthy team members, so we offer health benefits for all our employees. What else do we offer? Access to our Community Garden! We grow a number of different herbs and vegetables and our team members get to take home fresh product after every harvest Looking for a job in the food industry with consistent scheduling, health benefits, PTO, and a strong work culture based on respect? APPLY NOW

  • SERVICES | Claremont Foods

    What We Do 01 PRODUCT INNOVATION AND DEVELOPMENT 02 MATERIALS SOURCING 03 PRODUCTION 04 PRODUCT QUALITY MANAGEMENT Product Innovation and Development We understand that new product development is vital to helping you grow your business. We also understand that, as your manufacturer, we are in a unique position to assist with that product development. Therefore, we offer our clients a full range of product development services. Cost reduction of existing products (re-formulations, packaging modifications, production process improvements) Quality improvement of existing products Development of new products Specific services include: In-house bench top formulations Run time on existing production equipment Raw materials and packaging sourcing Packaging design Costing and pricing analysis Access to external consultants Materials Sourcing Claremont has a team of food industry procurement professionals dedicated to sourcing raw and packaging materials for our clients. We leverage our extensive network of suppliers and industry relationships to secure the right ingredients at the best possible costs. We know that your products’ quality depends on having the finest ingredients. We scour the world looking to continuously improve both quality and cost. ​ Production The Claremont Foods team has decades of experience developing and manufacturing energy bars, protein bars and nutrition bars. We have state of the art manufacturing capabilities to produce products that will consistently meet your specifications, at competitive costs. We employ a simple, transparent pricing model with volume-based tolling. Product Quality Management We know that consistently high quality production is key to our clients’ success, so that’s what we strive to deliver every day. We assist our clients in obtaining their quality certifications. Our Quality Assurance department boasts multiple SQF and HACCP certified professionals who ensure that each production shift is properly supervised by our QA techs. For a full list of our certifications, click here. Click Here! Interested in working with us? Visit our Contact page! Contact Us Back to Top

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