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Claremont Partners with RedZone

Great business requires innovation-- That's why Claremont Foods has decided to partner with RedZone to increase productivity within our facilities. Thanks to RedZone's incredible diligence and guidance, we've seen incredible improvement.

"We launched RedZone 4 weeks ago and are seeing amazing results! Productivity increased almost immediately ("what you measure improves!"). Big shout out to our coach William Chacon! He has been fantastic! Our team really likes and respects him. We're excited to launch the QA Compliance Module next!" - Alex Cioth, CEO

Staff training sessions with William Chacon, a RedZone Productions Systems Coach

As Claremont Foods continues to grow, we are excited to work with talented teams like RedZone to keep making our company better. Our company culture emphasizes continuous improvement and speed with accuracy. We are thankful to RedZone's team for helping us to actively continue to build these values at Claremont Foods. Stay tuned for more exciting innovations at Claremont!

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