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Claremont Foods Passed our Organic Certification Audit with Flying Colors!

We underwent our annual Organic Certification audit last week.  Quality Assurance International is the USDA Organic certifying body that most of our clients use, and they conduct a very detailed audit in conjunction with a physical inspection.  They observe receiving, storage and staging of materials and production of organic final products.  One very important aspect of the audit is that they conduct a

Mass/Balance exercise that looks at organic materials purchased in relation to the quantity of final

product manufactured.  Amounts in and out need to match. And they did!  This type of exercise keeps

manufacturers honest and held accountable. Numerous quality assurance, sanitation and organic

documents are reviewed for accuracy and compliance during an organic audit.  Our team here at

Claremont does a great job complying with organic standards as well as gluten free, non-GMO, kosher, and food safety requirements. Good job team!!

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