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Another Successful Growing Season!!

We’re pleased to share that we’ve had another very successful growing season in our organic company garden!! We built on the success from last year (our first year!) by approximately doubling our garden footprint.

New items this year included three types of tomatoes in addition to habanero peppers…to satisfy those on our team who can handle the HEAT! 😊 Once harvesting begins in late July, in a typical week we harvest over 300 cherry style tomatoes, five goliath style tomatoes, seven or eight zucchini and 100-125 peppers (jalafuego, jalapeno, Anaheim and habanero). We’ve been sharing this bounty with our team members all summer long through several-times-per-week distributions. This garden is our contribution to sustainability and providing locally grown food to more people. We’re already looking forward to next year’s planting! Look for more pictures on our FB page.

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